Sector Knowledge

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Sector Knowledge


Your project solution is guided by a strong understanding of the business trends and competitors within your industry. We have worked on projects in a variety of sectors, most notably:

Since the advent of eCommerce decades ago, along with the increase of mobile usage for online sales, the online shopping sector has not wane in its popularity. Cooper Digital has developed online store applications; be it open sourced shopping cart web systems like Woocommere or Magneto, or full scale custom mobile and web stores. We understand the high level of security needed for these types of products and can confidently guide the client in the right direction.

Case Study: Online Ticket Listing and Sales Web application

We can deliver Edu-tech solutions that are relevant to the formal education market today. Our in-house UX and engineering teams are guided by consultations with pedagogy and youth experts to accurately understand behavioral patterns among children and youths within the education domain. From OCR technologies to digitize and calculate printed math problems, virtual study groups, to monetization of online live tutors, our team can lend its experience in these area.

Cooper Digital has developed software applications for different healthcare domains. Most of our development team members, as well as the executive team, have done projects in healthcare based sector, including appointment booking in doctor's office and health insurance digital solutions. These solutions derive from thoroughly understanding the business needs of the client, and the current sector trends in the digital space. These, combined with SCRUM project management strategies, allow for transparency and accountability of all stakeholders on the project to ensure the best solution is delivered.

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