Our Process


At Cooper Digital, we believe that maintaining a structured and open work flow is fundamental to efficiently deliver projects. Learning and improving are the leading force that makes us one of the most successful nearshore providers in Latin America and the Caribbean.

digital work flow


Having understood your business goals and the ‘problem to be solved’, we then conduct extensive market research and competitive benchmark to identify market gaps which can be filled by digital solutions. We hold brainstorming sessions on business model design, best technologies and enablers, in order to propose and deliver the right strategies at the right value for you.


A digital product with the best functionality and features, means nothing if the user is confused and frustrated in interacting with it. We regard User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) at the same level of importance to the functionality of the system. Our UX team ensures that there is an alignment with user behavior (how a user thinks and acts), and how the design solution. The goal is that the user is thoroughly engaged in the system, so as to achieve customer loyalty.


We are an Agile Company; we believe that by using frameworks like SCRUM or other Agile methods, we can deliver high value increments or iterations of the product in short spaces of time (sprints). This benefits the client by allowing them to enter the marketplace at a much earlier time, where they can achieve returns on investment as well as assess market changes so that future scope can be adjusted to adapt to said changes. Our Product Strategy phase allows us to research and identify the best platform and technology suited to develop a flexible, secure and stable product.


A deployed product should not be the end of a project. In order to ensure that the RIGHT solution continues to exist in the market, we employ data analytical strategies. How many people visit a certain page? What area of the app has high user exits? Questions like these when analyzed can identify weaknesses and strengths in your system. Data analysis can also identify changes in the market, that is essential in maintaining product viability.


Analyzed product metrics, guide new or adjusted scope for future development sessions (sprints). Agile software development accommodates these scope changes or additions without financially impacting on the client. In addition to metric-driven iterations, scalability and the addition of new features are necessary for market relevance and user loyalty.

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