Web Case Study - Online Ticketing App

About Our Client

Our client is a successful event promotion company with regular events in North America and the Caribbean. Each event averages around 3,000 attendees. Commonly, most people purchase their tickets via an online ticketing web app such as Eventbrite. The client wanted a solution to:

  • Have their attendees purchase from the client’s own application, thereby having more control over the event online facility, payment apparatus and service fees.
  • Extend this service to other Event promoters and organizers.
  • Give users the ability to track their event listing or buying history.


We were very thrilled when the client put his trust in us to create a custom built online ticketing web app. The vision was for an e-commerce solution that would allow event promoters worldwide to create and administer their events, on one hand, and for users to buy, store and manage their tickets on the other. To begin, we researched the client’s competitors in this domain to establish a point of marketable difference that the client could incorporate in the software. In continuation, we collaboratively set the project plan and used numerous sprints. Still today, we continue to use sprints to develop increments based on ROI value, which are released periodically.

To increase usability and user penetration, we also developed a mobile check-in app allowing to scan the e-ticket barcode for admittance to the events. Stripe and PayPal payment gateways were integrated via APIs and are currently being used in the application. Features include private events, member accounts for ticket storage and retrieval, event creation and management, among many other things.

Finally, to ensure full security of data and payments, we integrated security assets to flag, identify and block fraud attempts which is rampant in online shopping.

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