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Nearshore Outsourcing of
Web and Mobile Application Development Services

Nearshore Outsourcing of
Web and Mobile App Development

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No need for 3am meetings. We Work when You do!

No need for 3am meetings... We Work When You Do!

No need for 3am meetings


Nearshore Outsourcing

Why outsource to
Cooper Digital?

Through our office in Trinidad and Tobago, Cooper Digital continues to provide top class nearshore outsourcing services in any or all stages of the web and mobile application product development process. Our agile developers have successfully created custom web and mobile applications for small to large partners in a variety of sectors in the Caribbean and North America, with engagement models tailored to the respective consultancy requirements of the partner.

Case Study:

Online Ticket Listing and Sales Web application

We helped an Event Promotion company evolve from just promoting events, to providing an online, responsive web and mobile application where all event promoters can create, manage and promote their events including online ticket sales and event check-in facility.

Nearshore Outsourcing

web and mobile development

Featured Web Application Work:

Cooper’s Express Services Limted

Business need: Develop a secure online booking platform for the rental, leasing and shuttle services of vehicles. Persons are also able to submit their own vehicle to the network for rental, leasing and shuttle purposes. SSL certificate installed to encrypt data for an added layer of security.

Benefits of outsourcing to Cooper Digital?

Similar Timezone

GMT -4; relatively carries the same times as eastern US States and Canadian Provinces.

Close Proximity

3 to 6 hour flight time between eastern North America and our local office in Trinidad.

English Speaking

English is our native tongue. Some team members are versed in Spanish as well.

Lower Costs

Expect the same high level of skills, professionalism and experience, at lower costs to you.

World Class Developers

Team members  trained in the latest technologies and methodologies for application development.

Cloud Infrastructure

High speed fiber optic Internet connection to flexible, secure and stable cloud servers.


You are always in the know via online AGILE project management tools and SCRUM meetings.

Political Stability

Trinidad & Tobago has a stable democratic society since its independence in 1962.

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