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Cooper Digital has been serving clients and partners for over 10 years by providing digital solutions at the highest quality in various industries. We specialize in software engineering and web and mobile development. Thanks to the AGILE methodology, we ensure fluid and efficient project management. Our clients are located not only in Trinidad and Tobago, but also in Jamaica, Barbados and North America.

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While we have completed dozen of projects in the past few years, you may not find them featured here. Indeed, we honor the trust put in us by our contractors and respect the confidentiality and privacy of our clients above all. Whether your project contains sensitive information or you are subcontracting to us, we hold everyone in our team accountable for ensuring maximum discretion and respecting the terms of NDA agreements.


To create and deliver the RIGHT digital solution that aligns with our partners and clients business goals.


To be the leading nearshore outsourcing authority for digital solutions in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Rick Cooper


Founder and Managing Director

A certified Scrum Master, Rick has been a senior IT executive since 2005. From his base in the Caribbean, he has led complex digital application projects for many global companies, including Aetna Insurance and British Petroleum. Rick uses his years of experience in AGILE project management to lead, train and guide the team on effectively delivering high value, ROI-focused products to clients and partners.



Your work should exemplify your commitment in solving the challenge at hand. Your passion represents you.


Disrupt. Think outside the box. Set your own path. Teach others on your journey. It’s the ‘weird’ ones who change the world.


Own your role. Do not be afraid to fail, that’s how you learn to DO or BE better. Trust that your colleagues subscribe to this principle.


Client relationships are nurtured through open, honest and clear communication. This engenders trust and confidence in you.


Strength is gained by both teaching and learning from your peers. Be supportive. Be human. Be cohesive… Be successful as One.

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